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Systems and Procedures - Trinidad & Tobago


Our Registration and electoral process

Registration as an elector is an indispensable requirement for voting in Parliamentary, Local Government and Tobago House of Assembly elections. Such registration is voluntary and there are no sanctions for failure to register. However if you are not a registered person in accordance with the provisions of the Representation of the People Act Chap. 2:01, you will not be able to exercise your franchise. You will therefore not be a partner in democracy. The Registration Rules of this piece of legislation lay down the process for registration.

Registrant being photographed

System of Registration

The system of registration is described as permanent and personal. It is permanent in that once registered, the registration remains in force, subject to adjustment, e.g. change of name and/or address or unless there is valid cause for cancellation on the grounds of death or migration.

It should be noted, however, that the system itself may undergo change from time to time, and in such circumstances, the Commission may request all registered persons to re-register or to update their registration.
The system is personal in that a prospective registrant must apply in person to the Registration Officer at one of the Commission’s Registration Area Office. No person can apply for registration on behalf of another person.
The system also provides for the issue of a National Identification (ID) Card to a registrant as part of the process of registration. Identification Cards are issued in three (3) colours:
Blue lettering and background           -        Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago
Red lettering and background            -        Citizens of Commonwealth countries
Orange lettering and background      -        Citizens of non-commonwealth countries
Persons of age eighteen or more at the time of registration have their names included in the Commission’s register of electors. Persons of age fifteen but less than eighteen are entitled to be registered but their names are excluded from the list of electors. However they are entitled to receive ID cards.