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Systems and Procedures - Bermuda


Electoral Managment Body (EMB)

The Parliamentary Registry is the body responsible for the running of elections. The Parliamentary Election Act 1978 is the act used to govern the electoral process.

Latest Amendments made to the Act are as follows;

1999, Voter registration was changed from annual to continuous 
2002, The Constituency Boundaries Commission reconfigured electoral districts recommending the establishment of 36 Single seat constituencies. 
2002, Changed from double to single seat constituencies 
2007, Pictures of candidates added to ballot papers 

The Parliamentary Registrar is mandated by the Parliamentary Elections Act 1978 to produce an annual register of electors on June 15th of each year.

The Governor on advice from the Premier and the Opposition Leader appoints ‘scrutineers’ to assist the Registrar in the production of the annual register. One person per constituency from each party is appointed and they shall inform the Registrar of;

(a) Deceased persons; 
(b) Persons who are no longer ordinarily resident in Bermuda; 
(c) Persons who are incorrectly registered; and 
(d) Persons who are disqualified from voting by reason of imprisonment. 

Registration: Registration is continuous. Where there occurs any change in the registered particulars of an elector, the elector shall within twenty-eight days from the date of such change give to the Registrar notice in the prescribed form of the change of particulars.

Electors can register online at www.elections.gov.bm or in person at the Parliamentary Registry in Hamilton, Bermuda.