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Systems and Procedures - Barbados


Electoral System – The system of electing members to the House of Assembly is the first past the post so that the candidate with the most votes wins the seat (in Parliament). Elections are constitutionally due every five (5) years
Electoral Registration System - In Barbados there is a system of Continuous Registration whereby the Register of Electors is continually updated by adding the names of eligible voters as well as by deleting the names of those who no longer meet eligibility requirements e.g. the deceased and persons, other than foreign service electors, who have been absent from Barbados for a period exceeding five years.
Qualifications to be registered as an Elector - Under Section 7 of the Representation of the People Act, a person is qualified to be registered as an elector for a constituency if, on the qualifying date, he/she:
(a)  is a citizen of Barbados; or
(b)  is a Commonwealth citizen (other than a citizen of Barbados) who has resided in Barbados for a period of at least three years immediately before the qualifying date and
(c)  is eighteen years of age or over; and
(d)  has resided in that constituency for a period of at least 3 months before the qualifying date, or, but for the circumstances entitling him to vote at a Mission, would have been resident at the address at which he was ordinarily resident in that constituency immediately before leaving Barbados.
National Registration system - Like the Electoral Registration System, the National Registration System is continuous. Under the Statistics Act Chap. 192, all citizens of Barbados who are resident in the island as well as citizens of other countries, who have been permitted by the Chief Immigration Officer to remain in the Island for a period of not less than six (06) months, may be registered. All persons who meet the requirements and are registered are issued the Barbados Identification Card.
Publication of the Register – Under the Representation of the People Act Cap 25, the Commission is required to prepare and to publish, not later than the 31st day of January in every year, a Register of Electors for each constituency and a register of Foreign Service electors entitled to vote at any election.