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Political Parties - Bermuda


Political Party System

Registration: The Parliamentary Elections Act and the Bermuda Constitution provide no provisions for political parties to be registered. To be nominated to run in a general or bye election, the candidate must on nomination day, produce in duplicate;
(i)  An official nomination form signed by himself and two persons registered in the Parliamentary Register of that constituency (proposer and seconder)
(ii)   Produce a receipt from the Accountant General showing that the fee of two hundred and fifty dollars was paid into the consolidated fund.
(iii)   If the candidate is endorsed by a political party and wishes to have the name of the party shown in the election documents relating to him, he should produce a letter from or on behalf of the Party Chairman stating that the candidate is endorsed by the party
(iv)    If the candidate is not endorsed by a political party he should be described in the elections documents as “Independent”.
If the candidate is not elected and the number of votes polled by him does not exceed one eighth, his deposit of two hundred and fifty dollars shall be forfeited to the crown and paid into the Consolidated Fund.
Financing /Funding: Political Parties do not receive any public funding, however, they are allowed to receive private funding. The Parties are not required to disclose their sources of funding nor their expenditure. Candidates must within seven days of their nomination as a candidate of election, disclose the nature of any contracts held with Government and his interest in that contract by means of public notice published and circulating in Bermuda.
Names of Political Parties:
Progressive Labour Party (PLP), Current Government    
One Bermuda Alliance (OBA),  Opposition.